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Broker in Berlin Kaulsdorf / real estate agent for Berlin Kaulsdorf

As a real estate agent for Berlin Kaulsdorf, MPW is your contact for all services related to buying, selling, rental or renting of real estate. Due to the settlement structure, we especially record in Berlin Kaulsdorf sales and purchases of real estate, mainly one-family homes and land. Together with Mahlsdorf and Biesdorf, the district forms the largest contiguous area with one- and two-family houses in Germany. The atmosphere is correspondingly familiar. As a real estate agent for Berlin Kaulsdorf, we know and appreciate the pleasant way of life that can be found in almost every area of Kaulsdorf.

Your real estate agent for Berlin Kaulsdorf acts as a broker for apartments and houses in a good residential area

In the district of Marzahn-Hellersdorf, is no other area with as many good residential areas as in Kaulsdorf. The B1 sub-divides Kaulsdorf into Kaulsdorf-North and Kaulsdorf-South. Mahlsdorf borders on the east. To the south lies Köpenick, to the west lies Berlin Biesdorf and to the north lies Berlin-Hellersdorf. Between north and south lies the historic village centre of Kaulsdorf. Here are some testimonies from the beginning of the construction period from the second half of the 19th century. Many of the magnificent buildings are now listed as historical monuments. Here also is the New Apostolic Church located. A trip is worthwhile.
In addition to Lübars, Kaulsdorf is the only village in Berlin that has retained its original structure. The cobblestone surface of the village street was even restored with the help of the EU according to its historical model. The many beautiful farms along the road, shine again in new splendour.

Your real estate agent for Berlin Kaulsdorf leads you to the dream property in an emergent Berlin district

In GDR times, many facades were run down, many houses fell into disrepair. Overall, Kaulsdorf made a very grey impression. Whoever today strolls through the cosy streets, can hardly believe that. Nothing reminds any more of the grey past. The district is growing continuously and is more beautiful than ever. As a real estate agent for Berlin Kaulsdorf, we feel this upswing very clearly and invite you to profit from this swing. We are happy to take care of the purchase or sale of your property. As a real estate agent for Berlin Kaulsdorf, we know the market prices very precisely. With MPW, you can expect fair prices.
Kaulsdorf is especially popular with young families. Various traffic-calmed side streets, playgrounds, schools and the lakes of Kaulsdorf are tempting. The fast transport connection to the city centre of Berlin is also provided by the B1 and suburban railway station. If you are looking for a broker for a property at the outer edge of the city, MPW Immobilien is your real estate agency for Berlin Kaulsdorf.

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