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Broker in Berlin Bohnsdorf / real estate agent in Berlin Bohnsdorf

Through our experience as a real estate agent in Berlin Bohnsdorf, we are sure our district in the southeast of Berlin is facing a flourishing future. The proximity to the major airport, BER in Schönefeld and to the Berlin motorway ring ensures a fast and uncomplicated connection to many destinations in the world. Between the Dahme, which flows into the Langen See and the airport, Bohnsdorf offers an ideal bridge between traffic connection and recreation.
MPW, your real estate agent in Berlin Bohnsdorf, will be happy to guide you through the southern area of the Treptow district, which is located directly at the city limits of Brandenburg. In the centre, there is still one of the few Berlin village complexes with Anger, a baroque village church including village pond and old farmhouses with adjacent orchards. Two sides of the district border on Falkenhorst.

Your real estate agent in Berlin Bohnsdorf recommends: living in green areas with great transport links

Durch unsere Tätigkeit als Immobilienmakler für Berlin Altglienicke kenne wir die Preisstruktur in diesem sehr heterogenen Ortsteil sehr genau. Wir wissen daher straßengenau, welche Mietpreise oder Verkehrswerte für Immobilien am genauen StandThe atmosphere in Bohnsdorf is characterised by the village feeling of this place. Nevertheless, the centre of the capital is very easy to reach. The suburban railway station of Grünau is quickly reached from all parts of Bohnsdorf. Also for the everyday objects, nobody must take long journeys. A large shopping centre with numerous shops invites you to shop. Savings bank, pharmacy and gas station are also located there. Furthermore, there are four bus lines and a tram line at a central stop. These lead to Schönefeld Airport, to Hedwigshöhe Hospital (state-of-the-art, in-patient and out-patient medical facility), to Schöneweide via Adlershof.

The stopping points are located directly at the major research sites, the university and at two major medical centres with a pharmacy and numerous expert and specialised medical practices. The fourth line goes to Zeuthen and opens the way, for example, to Waltersdorf with Ikea, Höffner, the metro and numerous other shops. The tram line travels to Schmöckwitz and the historic centre of Köpenick up to the suburban railway station of Köpenick. In about 35 minutes, you arrive in the City of Berlin. Service and shopping facilities, schools and children day-care centres are easy to reach.ort zu realisieren sind. Nach einer Besichtigung vor Ort können wir den Wert Ihrer Immobilie einschätzen. Selbstverständlich beraten wir Sie dabei auch gerne, über eventuell auszuführende Sanierungen. Ob sich Bau-Maßnahmen vor einem Verkauf rechnen, oder ob die Sanierung besser als eine Art Rabatt in den Verkaufspreis miteinzurechnen ist, hängt jeweils vom Einzelfall ab.
Durch unsere Erfahrung als Immobilienmakler für Berlin Altglienicke können wir Ihnen jedoch in aller Regel recht schnell einen entsprechenden Rat geben. Auch für alle, die an einen Neubau denken, sind wir selbstverständlich gerne Partner. Die Bodenrichtwerte für Altglienicke liegen im Berliner Durchschnittsbereich. Jedoch gibt es in Altglienicke kaum noch Bauland. Dies führt dazu, dass Käufer meist mit deutlich höheren Kaufpreisen als den ausgewiesenen Bodenrichtwerten kalkulieren müssen.

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As a real estate agent in Berlin Bohnsdorf, we are often asked how the noise pollution caused by the airport is put in order. Clear answer: the aircraft noise is an issue in large parts of the place. However, many local people also know that the noise pollution is distributed differently over Bohnsdorf. Please speak to your real estate agent in Berlin Bohnsdorf. We will be happy to show you that, for example, properties located south of Parchwitzer Straße are often out of noise pollution. To the north, the noise pollution decreases continuously all the way to Grünau. However, as recent studies confirm, noise is depending on the feeling of each individual. The noise caused by car traffic is even more stressful than that of an aircraft. In any case, we as a real estate agent in Berlin Bohnsdorf help you to find the right property for you.
Of course, we are your contact for all questions relating to real estate. As a real estate agent in Berlin Bohnsdorf, we not only find a rental apartment for you, we also take great care of the rental or sale of your apartment or your building. Fairness and transparency in all actions are the guiding principles that define our daily work as a real estate agent in Berlin Bohnsdorf. We want everyone involved in the transaction of a property to be satisfied.

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