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Broker in Berlin Biesdorf / real estate agent for Berlin Biesdorf

As a real estate agent for Berlin Biesdorf, we mainly act as a broker for family-friendly houses and apartments. You can hire us to buy or sell, to rent out or if you wish to rent property. The district forms together with the neighbouring districts of Kaulsdorf and Mahlsdorf the largest contiguous area of ​​one- and two-family houses in Germany. The infrastructure in this lively and at the same time quiet part of Berlin is accordingly oriented towards families.

Real estate agent for Berlin Biesdorf – living with a view of green areas

After the fall of communism, Biesdorf was for a long time considered a derelict residential area. Through numerous construction and infrastructure measures, the district has long lost this reputation. For orientation: The B1 sub-divides Biesdorf into Biesdorf-North and Biesdorf-South. To the east Biesdorf borders on Kaulsdorf, south on the district of Köpenick, west on Berlin Karlshorst and Friedrichsfelde and to the north on Berlin-Marzahn-Hellersdorf and the landscape park of Wuhletal. As a real estate agent for Berlin Biesdorf, we like to emphasise an advantage of the district: Biesdorf stands out with its underground connection from Kaulsdorf and Mahlsdorf. In recent years, the huge area around the butterfly meadows, adjacent to the underground station of Elsterwerdaer Platz, was built up with detached houses, semi-detached houses and row houses.

Real estate agent for Berlin Biesdorf - we ensure fair prices

People who attach great importance to a very good public transport connection have found their new home here. The city edge location goes along with an excellent transport connection to the city. In addition to this development area, however, you will also find sufficient land in locations developed in olden times. As a real estate agent for Berlin Biesdorf we know, of course, that Biesdorf is popular with young families and we align our offers to this clientele. Various traffic-calmed side streets, playgrounds, schools and the lakes of Kaulsdorf are tempting. The rapid transport connection to Berlin's city centre is also provided by the B1 and the aforementioned underground and suburban railway stations.
Schloss Biesdorf often gives out invitations to cultural events such as theatre performances and concerts. People of all ages are welcome in the numerous sports clubs. The district can also accommodate with local recreation. The nearby gardens of the world inviting you for a weekend. Biesdorf is also well known for its modern Berlin Accident and Emergency Hospital(UKB). The ground values in the area of Biesdorf developed in days, in 2015 50 €/m². The newly developed areas are partly higher and partly lower in ground value. As your real estate agent for Berlin Biesdorf we keep an eye on the market prices everywhere in Biesdorf. We want everyone involved in the transfer of real estate to count on fair prices.

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