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Real estate agent for Berlin Altglienicke

As a real estate agent for Berlin Altglienicke, we are regularly active for buyers, sellers, tenants or landlords in this quiet district of Berlin. Berlin Altglienicke is nestled between Berlin Bohnsdorf, Berlin Rudow, Berlin Adlershof and the airport in Schönefeld. Family houses interchange with condominiums and rental apartments. In Altglienicke, you will find almost all forms of residence. From a family home to a large apartment building, anyone can live here and find the right property for themselves.
Altglienicke is shaped by the Teltow Canal to the South and the 52-meter high Falkenberg to the North-East. The location is also limited by Adlergestell, the road on the Seebraben as well as the city highway. The place is popular with anyone who appreciates the proximity, on the one hand, to the Adlershof Science and Technology Park, on the other hand, to the Schönefeld Airport. As a real estate agent for Berlin Altglienicke, we can show you very different settlements, each with its own civic image. The Cosmos quarter with its typical pre-fabricated buildings (between three and eleven storeys high) dates back to GDR times along the Schönefelder Chaussee. In the 1990s, numerous attractive new development areas arose, such as the Ärztinnenviertel or the Anne-Frank-Carée. In addition, there are also some allotment gardens at the location.

Your real estate agent for Berlin Altglienicke ensures a fair price structuring

Through our work as a real estate agent for Berlin Altglienicke, we know very precisely the price structure in this very heterogeneous district. We therefore know exactly which rental rates or market values ​​for real estate can be realised in certain regions. After an on-site visit, we can assess the value of your property. Of course, we are also happy to advise you on any necessary renovations. Whether construction measures anticipate a sale or whether the renovation is better than a discount on the sales price, depends on the individual case.
By our experience as a real estate agent for Berlin Altglienicke, however, we can give you a corresponding advice very quickly. Of course, we will be also pleased to advise you as construction partner. The ground values ​​for Altglienicke are in the Berlin average range. However, there is hardly any building land left in Altglienicke. This means that buyers usually have to reckon on significantly higher purchase prices than the proven ground values.

Save time and money with your real estate agent for Berlin Altglienicke

With a real estate agent for Berlin Altglienicke at your side you save time and money. We not only organise viewing appointments but also take care of all necessary formalities for the purchase / sale or the rental of a property. As a member of the German Real Estate Association (IVD), we stand for transparency and fairness.

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