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Trustworthy and competent

"With MPW Immobilien I found an apartment in Oberschöneweide/Berlin. The first contact was in October 2016 and circa one month later I signed the contract. During the whole process Mr. Werner was polite, competent and obliging. He took my questions and concerns very seriously and helped me every time. Mr. Werner never used typically “broker phrases”, he was always objective and never urged me. He was always available and helpful – even months after the payment and is still responsive. I can only recommend Mr. Werner."

Xin D., 09.02.2017 - Oberschöneweide / Berlin, Deutschland


MPW – Here you are in good hands

"MPW Immobilien is a real estate agency we really can recommend. The aganecy serves and supports its clients from the beginning to the end. The communication was very well and MPW Immobilien always gave 100%. Customer satisfaction, friendliness and honesty are very important to us."

Janine Z., 30.12.2016 - Berlin, Deutschland


Support and advise on site

"Mr. Werner was always very supportive by selling our house in Berlin. We are living in Canada, Mr. Werner helped us by the purchase procedure including the handover of keys."

Susanne U., 14.12.2016 - Berlin-Karolinenhof, Deutschland


Great job despite hard circumstances

"Despite of complicated problems Mr. Werner sold our semi-detached house very successfully. We would always recommend him."

Jana D., 25.11.2016 - Potsdam, Deutschland


Above average

"Offer, approach and service were absolutely serious for us as seller. The quality of the service was more than we expected."

Christoph K., 08.11.2016 - Potsdam, Deutschland


Building land with bungalow successfully sold

"I am very pleased with the whole procedure from the first view appointment until the sale. The object was presented very well. The documents were very detailed. Appointments and calls were always possible and the contact was very pleasant. I felt always supported. I was very pleased about the good cooperation with my broker and the bank during my absence. I would recommend MPW Immobilien always."

Pascal H., 08.11.2016 - Müggelheim, Deutschland


House sold successfully

"The broker always took care of us. It was very uncomplicated, if I had questions I always heard back from him within a day. The assessed price and selling price agreed."

Ulrike M., 28.10.2016 - Berlin, Deutschland



"First house sale -> great! Now House sale. I am very pleased! Thumbs up! Thank you to the whole team."

M.S., 07.10.2016 - Oberschöneweide, Deutschland


Friendly + fast service

"I asked for an apartment and received an appointment immediately. The decision making and the contract shipping were very fast."

Leah Catharina P., 21.09.2016 - Leipzig, Deutschland


Expertise and pleasant atmopshere

"Important information e.g. about legal, the duration to find a potential buyer and which price can be reached. All in all: Always a fair procedure."

Gisela S., 11.09.2016 - Müggelberg, Deutschland


Short and crispy

"We selected MPW Immobilien because of the great references and had a nice and competently introductory talk. Then the procedure was very fast and uncomplicated. We were very lucky that our property was sold after one month. The communication was very well. I would recommend Mr. Werner."

Carolin L., 07.09.2016 - Königs Wusterhausen, Deutschland



"My sister and I sold a house very successfully. MPW Immobilien answered every question and took care of every issue. We just had to clear the house. We were very pleased and will contact MPW Immobilien for further projects. Thank you for the great support!"

Jennifer L., 05.09.2016 - Königs Wusterhausen, Deutschland


Sold condominium

"We were advised very friendly and competently. Questions were answered immediately. The broker was always accessible and took care of the necessary documents."

Jenny O., 19.08.2016 - Berlin, Deutschland


Thorough and competent

"Every single question was answered carefully and competently even the view appointment organization was troublefree. The service was friendly and personally. Thank you for your advice."

Maris M., 28.07.2016 - Tempelhof, Deutschland


Great broker

"Mr. Werner was competent and satisfied every dream. The web presentation was great. Everything went trouble-free. We recommend Mr. Werner in every case."

Kerstin L., 27.07.2016 - Berlin, Deutschland


Thank you very much to a terrific team!

"Their high level of expertise, excellent advice, including in terms of pricing, their reputability, punctuality and reliability mean that MPW-Immobilien live up to their motto "Trust counts". An outstanding presentation in various sales portals and the preparation of the sales particulars, too, were very professional. Our home therefore found a buyer very quickly. The entire process from the first consultation right up to the notary appointment was exemplary. Last but not least, MPW-Immobilien also found a dream rental apartment for us. For this we can only thank you from the bottom of our hearts and make an unreserved recommendation."

Andreas W., 27.07.2016 - Berlin, Deutschland


Experienced and trustworthy

"After "an agency washout", I landed at MPW Immobilien with my not so simple project concerning the sale of an apartment. After an honest preliminary meeting, I regained confidence and was not disappointed. It took a while, but I was always kept up to date and received absolutely competent answers to my questions at all times. The waiting and the tireless efforts of the employees of MPW Immobilien paid off. Heartfelt thanks once again for that! I would unreservedly recommend MPW Immo. and commission them again."

Manuela W., 13.07.2016 - Berlin, Deutschland



" Ich konnte mir mit der Hilfe von MPW meinen Traum zur Wunschimmobilie erfüllen. Vom ersten Kontakt bis zum Notartermin kann ich das MPW-Team mit bestem Gewissen weiterempfehlen! Einfach-unkompliziert-kompetent-freundlich und vor allem vertrauensvoll. Vielen Dank 🙂 "

Oliver B., 04.04.2016 - Berlin, Deutschland


Very pleasant and competent

"At the end of November 2015, I approached MPW Immobilien and commissioned the company to sell my house for the best possible conditions. From the very beginning it was a very pleasant partnership and communications were always quick and smooth. I can most warmly recommend the company MPW Immobilien – not just because the property was sold successfully, but also because of the competence and friendliness they displayed. "

Bengt Q., 12.02.2016 - Berlin, Deutschland


Sale of house with lakeside plot Berlin/Hessenwinkel

"Excellent advice and a successful sale in no time. Courteous, reputable, unobtrusive, punctual and reliable. Professional in their consulting, and also in terms of pricing and planning. Outstanding, relaxed relationship. I can only recommend."

Peter B., 19.02.2016 - Berlin, Deutschland


Sale of a farm

"While making the sale of our not-so-straightforward property, we always felt very well looked after by our agents, Mr. Werner and his team. Their competent and reliable working style as well as their regular communication of the status of the process always gave us the sure feeling that the sale would be completed successfully. We would therefore like to thank you again from the bottom of our hearts and would gladly recommend MPW Immobilien."

Werner H., 28.01.2016 - Ahrensfelde, Deutschland


Thank you for your sensitive approach

"A log cabin weekend house that we cherish, that we built, and with a large garden plot, had to be sold because we were now based too far away from the property (300 km), and for reasons of age. Due to our specifications to find a potential buyer who would ideally preserve the little house, we were certainly not a simple contract partner for the MPW team. Objective, focussed on what is feasible, always friendly and reliable – we were advised and guided through what revenues were achievable, all regulatory processes, the coordination of appointments, viewings, meetings with interested parties – right up to the notary's office. Starting with informative sales particulars right up to the conclusion of the sales contract, this made us feel reliably and competently cared for. Thank you, and please keep your philosophy of openness and honesty towards your contracting parties."

Petra B., 23.11.2015 - Petershagen, Deutschland


Agency recommendation

"It started with a flyer in my mailbox, which make me consider potentially selling. The reputable flyer showed that they have a particular interest in high-quality real estate. This was reason enough to get in touch with the company MPW-Immobilien, and Michael Werner. After the initial talks, the viewing of the property by the agency and the preparation of the sales particulars, I was convinced that I was in good hands. Over the further course of the process, with the viewings by interested parties right up to wrapping things up at the notary's office and handing the property over to the buyer, this was utterly confirmed. As a seller, one feels in the comfortable situation of being an observer who is always kept informed about everything. The company MPW Immobilien and Michael Werner really took care of everything and thus minimised the load for both buyer and seller. The company MPW Immobilien, and Michael Werner, displayed particular professionalism in their support of the sales negotiations between buyer and seller; thanks to their compelling expertise and personal empathy, a trusting atmosphere was created, which led to satisfaction with the transaction, on all sides. I don't know what one could do better as an agency, and can therefore recommend the company MPW Immobilien, and Michael Werner, with absolute conviction."

Bernd R., 08.11.2015 - Berlin-Müggelheim, Deutschland


Reliable, competent and realistic

"I would not hesitate to turn to MPW Immobilien again if I needed advice or support in this area. Absolute reliability, excellent communication and expert knowledge are the trademarks of MPW, whom I came to on the basis of a recommendation. From the very first moment, there was complete professionalism, and I was safely guided through the jungle of selling a property, with all my worries and concerns allayed. For that reason: 1*. "

Sabine P., 10.04.2015 - Hoppegarten, Deutschland


Reputable and capable

"To sell a not exactly perfect plot within half a year, to me, testifies to ambition! But there was never a question of working towards a hasty sale. Contact was always very friendly, prompt and regular. For questions of all kinds, I always found a sympathetic ear. Despite the distance between the property to be sold and where I live (200km), all appointments took place perfectly. A positive example for others in this sector, which I really encourage them to emulate. Anyone who wants to – or must – experience a relaxed and yet perfect sale, can turn here."

Marco B., 10.02.2015 - Berlin, Deutschland


Highly recommended!

"From first contact, right up until conclusion of the contract, we were guided through by the MPW Immobilien team with great competence, trust, professionalism and enormous friendliness. The sales particulars, with their high quality and informative nature, made a first impression which was only confirmed by the first viewing appointment. The viewing was an individual appointment, which left plenty of room and time for questions. This was a very pleasant experience in contrast to the otherwise customary group viewings. During the property inspection, we agreed upon a binding date by which we would either get accepted or rejected, and this was of course adhered to. Thanks to very forthcoming, fast and expert answers to all questions covering every aspect of buying a property, our purchase was able to be wrapped up swiftly and smoothly. We would also like to highlight their very fair pricing. All in all, a broker who is a truly sincere mediator between the buyer and seller. We are very pleasantly surprised and can recommend MPW Immobilen at any time, unreservedly. Many thanks!"

Doreen M., 26.11.2014 - Berlin, Deutschland


Gisela Greske

"Dear Mr. Werner, we would also like to thank you on behalf of our daughter for your professional handling of the acquisition of our property. Due to a very good online presentation, we got in contact with you in August 2013 and within one day, despite it being holiday time, we were able to make an appointment. The house fully accorded with the information described in the sales particulars, and with our expectations. Within three days we decided to buy the house. The subsequent purchase was uncomplicated and fast. All appointments between the seller of the home and the notary were organised by you. Our daughter moved in with her family two months later in October 2013. We will definitely recommend you to our family and friends. Thanks very much again to you and your team.“


Ferdinand Dreißig

"The entire process of buying my apartment was very much to my satisfaction. From first contact to the execution of the purchase agreement, I felt understood and in good hands, and I had the feeling that I could make my decision calmly and without being strongly influenced. Even with all the additional questions that went into more detail, I swiftly got easily understandable answers and information. I can definitely recommend the agency's service.“


Hans Matern

"Renting our freehold flat to a third party was out of the question for us. We decided to sell. Bringing in an estate agency for the marketing and for transacting the purchase was very helpful. On top of our professional occupations, we did not want to additionally stress ourselves with the search for a buyer. The agency took professional, realistic photos of the apartment and put these up on an online portal, with an asking price. Viewings of the apartment by interested parties were coordinated and carried out by the estate agency. The buyer's creditworthiness was also checked.“

Helga Gregor

"The property was originally bought by my grandfather, and then later divided up. One part went to my mother. I spent a large part of my childhood, during the weekends, at this property, and developed a close emotional attachment to it. Due to political developments, my mother was deprived of the power of control over the property. After her death, the property fell to me as sole heir, and after the Reunification, I got power of control over it. Initially, it was still the tenants from the GDR time that remained in the property; after these tenants moved out, a distant relative of mine lived there. When this ended, I realised that I would never be able to live in this property, and so came the the decision to sell it. A relative recommended MPW-Immobilien to me for marketing assistance. I contacted this company in December 2012. Mr. Daniel Pallenschat from MPW-Immobilien visited the property, put together sales particulars for the prospectus, which we were able to contribute some small ideas to, and took care of the advertising. There were a number of candidates, and I made my choice from among them with the help of Mr Pallenschat. Mr. Pallenschat was a great help during the sales negotiations; he was always reachable. That was all the more important for me because, given my geographical distance from Berlin, I could not attend any of these myself, and I also had no experience in the field of real estate sales. I am very satisfied with the sales prospectus as well as with the further progress of the project, and I can recommend Mr. Pallenschat as a sympathetic, loyal and competent advocate of my interests. If I had to sell a property again, I would once again ask him to act for me."


Thomas Güttler

"We have been successfully active in the Hannover area for more than 20 years. At the beginning of the year we opened a branch office in Berlin. The experiences we had had with agencies in the past had been bad, so we always did the marketing of our real estate ourselves. We came across MPW from Berlin by accident, and would now always take pains to work with them!Mr. Werner convinced us that there are reasonable and reliable estate agents after all, who understand their trade!! We will complete our next project together again, and again successfully. Many thanks once more for your great support!"


Monika Schallenberg

"We made contact with our agent, Mr. Daniel Werner (formerly Pallenschat) at the end of 2011 already, due to seeing the sales particulars in ImmoScout. It was possible to view the apartment immediately. Everything was fantastic. From contact with the tenants to viewing and documentation. Unfortunately, complications then arose during the course of further contract negotiations (we had almost set the notary appointment). However, these were not the fault of the broker, but of the seller's side and their bank, as, after several months back and forth, it turned out that there were several properties involved and hence, unfortunately, also arrears, coupled with sequestration, and so on and so forth. However, we remained in periodic contact with our agent, who kept us informed about the facts of the matter. Which finally led to a successful completion this year. Thanks also to our broker, who kept in contact with the bank consultant and sequestrator, etc. and who still helps us to this day with a few questions of a purely technical or written nature. We would recommend him at any time and use again whenever necessary."


Uwe Stock

"We have been successfully working together with the company MPW-Immobilien for years. As it stands, we have marketed one newly built apartment building with 10 individual freehold flats with Mr. Werner & his team this year. Further projects are already in the marketing and planning stages. His market estimates, the property presentations, the customer appointments and the consultation meetings were always top-notch and respectable. That convinced us, and ultimately our buyers too. We can unreservedly recommend the company MPW-Immobilien."


Ricardo Ventura

"After renovation of the bathroom in our property, it should be able to be rented out again as soon as possible. The agency created attractive and serious sales particulars and advertised the apartment on well-known websites. In just a very short time, interested parties were found, and the agent responsible always consulted with me, so as to make the right choice of future tenant. The agency also clarified with the property management all the details regarding the leases etc. We are completely satisfied with the work of MPW and can only recommend this agency. Thank you MPW-Immobilien!"


Bärbel Wissert

"I found the ad for the apartment on Immobilienscout and immediately contacted the agency’s office. The viewing took place very quickly. From the very beginning, I made my interest in this apartment known and sent the agency a letter saying that I would buy the apartment. Just when I wanted to negotiate the purchase price and commission, all of a sudden, a new interested party came into play. This new situation didn’t then allow for any further negotiations regarding the price. I was very satisfied with the agent’s congenial advice, competence and reachability. I felt well looked after and can recommend the agents at MPW Immobilien."


Frank W.

"MPW Immobilien gave me the best possible support in finding a suitable new tenant – committed and very reliable. The night care service also worked incredibly well. Anyone looking for a reliable and serious estate agent with all-round service would be best off with MPW Immobilien. Thank you!"


Thomas Heine

"Mr. Werner was always friendly and helpful. Questions about the property were answered quickly and precisely. In our experience, the most professional estate agent ever! Always strives to satisfy buyers and sellers!"


Thomas Jako

"Very reputable and competent in every way. Pleasantly surprised, thank you very much."


Steffen Rostock

"Reliable, punctual and correct. I was missing only a bit more information about the property at the start, which was not easily obtainable under the circumstances. Also beneficial are the good contacts/recommendations for other service providers and craftsmen. All in all, to be recommended."


Kurt Sandner

"Very professional and judicious transaction, to our full satisfaction; we can most highly recommend the estate agency MPW Immobilien. We hope that our current activities too, to sell our apartments through MPW Immobilien in Landauer Allee, Berlin, will also be successful.”


Sale due to age

"Dear Mr. Werner,

I would to express my sincere thanks once again for your dedicated work regarding the sale of my property in Bohnsdorf. You were always a very capable contact person for me, at all times! I will gladly recommend you when necessary. "

Petra Müller from Dossenheim


Out of renting, into our own home!

" Dear Mr. Werner, 
dear Mr. Hedemann,

We would like to thank you once again for the great collaboration in brokering the property we bought.
We especially thank you for your good contactability, your fast reaction times, flexibility and helpfulness, as well as your always correct way of dealing with things.
We felt well looked after by you and wish you great success in the future. "

Manon and Tomasz Sarzynski from beautiful Berlin-Lichterfelde


Sale after a tenant moved out

"Dear Mr. Pallenschat, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again, Mr Pallenschat, for your proper and extremely professional handling of the sale of our property. We really liked your manner, but also your realistic assessment of the apartment and your committed and always courteous behaviour! We wish you, but also the company MPW Immobilien, much continued success and all the best for the future! "

Michael Schiepan from Neustadt an der Weinstraße


Moving to Berlin

"I was very satisfied with your work. The offer was realistic and free from hyperbole etc. Your advice, too, I felt was factual and reliable and stood out as clearly positive compared to various previous contacts I had made during my apartment search. I also found your recommendations for craftsmen etc. helpful. I would definitely recommend you."

Mr. Kreis from Berlin


Sale after inheriting

"The company MPW-Immobilien has helped us knowledgably and competently with a not-exactly-easy property sale. Their friendly and good-humoured way of deal with sellers and customers speaks for itself. Despite our great distance from the property (550km), it was always possible to maintain a problem-free collaboration. Our heartfelt thanks once again!"

The Mayer family from Castrop-Rauxel


Sale due to age

"The company MPW-Immobilien has helped us knowledgably and competently with a not-exactly-easy property sale. Their friendly and good-humoured way of deal with sellers and customers speaks for itself. Despite our great distance from the property (550km), it was always possible to maintain a problem-free collaboration. Our heartfelt thanks once again!"

Mrs. Trepczik from Pommelsbrunn


Sale due to new construction

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team of MPW-Immobilien. After several agents failed to sell my house, you then wrapped the sale up very capably and without any friction. The way you deal with your fellow human beings is unfortunately seldom found today. I wish you much continued success and will definitely recommend you."

Uwe Tschauder


New job in Berlin

"We wanted to say thank you once again for the apartment, which was brokered for us by you and your friendly staff. We have not regretted it for a single day. The house is clean and well kept, the management is nice and accommodating, the roommates are friendly and helpful, and above all, the house is pleasantly quiet. In short, we have settled in well, which ultimately is also thanks to your efforts."

The Lohse family from Reisbach – soon Berliners


A move to the countryside

"Dear Mr. Werner, dear Mr. Pallenschat, we would like to take this opportunity to give you our warmest thanks again for the successful sale of our apartment and the present yesterday. We are especially pleased that your initial assessment of the potential timeframe proved to be accurate and that you were also able to realize our price expectations. We want to especially thank Mr. Pallenschat – his reliable and decent way of working is a delight."

Angelika and Reinhard Stüber from Wendenschloss


Sale due to age

"I do not want to neglect to thank you for your capable, obliging and friendly support during the sale of our terraced house in Berlin-Wendenschloss. We felt well cared for by you and are pleased that the property, after being in our family for 75 years, has come into the hands of a young family. Thanks to the solid valuation that you made, the purchase price we achieved fully met our expectations. We wish you and your company all the best for the future and much success."

Denise Henrion


Sale due to divorce

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you most sincerely for the outstanding service and the remarkably fast brokerage of my property. Because of your distinctly competent advice and all-round good service, I gladly recommend your company without hesitation."

Ines Müller from Baumschulenweg


Emigration to Spain

"Your very knowledgeable and sensitive approach to us and all prospective buyers brought the desired success for both sides. The current complicated economic conditions were no obstacle for you and did not prevent you from selling our property in a prime location for reasonable terms."

The Scholz family from Wendenschloss

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