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Successful sale of your rental apartment

There are several important aspects that should be considered when selling your apartment. Potential buyers of your rental apartment can be owner-occupiers or investors. In the first scenario, i.e., where the buyers would like to move into the apartment themselves, it matters whether the property is currently rented out. When dealing with a rented property, the current tenants would have to first move out before the buyer can move into the apartment. If the tenant does not wish to move out voluntarily, a termination of the tenancy due to own needs is usually required for this. It may get to the point of a judicial review of the lease termination due to own needs, which takes time and money. Potentially interested parties therefore usually shy away from buying a rented apartment. It is therefore those who view the acquisition as an investment that are more likely to be candidates for such a transaction. Their goal is to generate a high return.

Determining the price when you want to sell your rental apartment

Owner-occupiers will rarely be willing to pay the usual market price for your rental apartment if it is still rented. A sale is therefore particularly suitable at the point when your property is not occupied by any existing tenancy. A tenant-free apartment generally optimises the selling price by around 20 to 30%. You sell your rental apartment for the best terms after a detailed valuation by a specialist. Commission the experienced brokers of MPW Immobilien to appraise your apartment and then sell it. Once that property appraisal has been carried out, you have a solid foundation upon which to base the appropriate price for selling your rental apartment as profitably as possible.
If your property is not tenant-free over the long term, but you still wish to sell the apartment, then a sale to investors is a good idea. Investors are great as buyers because they often buy property without viewing it, on the basis of sales particulars alone. When looking at the return for the buyer, it is not only the factors that have a direct impact on the commercial success of the investment that are important; alongside the so-called purchase price factors, one should also bear in mind the underlying price per square meter. In recent years, the prices for rented apartments have risen in major cities across Germany. This trend is likely to persist, which is likely to add value to the buyer. You should also factor this in when pricing, so that you can sell your rental apartment as profitably as possible.

The perfect marketing for selling your rental apartment profitably

Rented apartments are advertised using different methods from vacant property. For such apartments, the focus for buyers is much more on the returns than when dealing with properties that are sold for their own use. Sales particulars that contain meaningful calculations are therefore in great demand. Experienced agents scope out potential buyers in preliminary talks. After a group viewing, a purchase decision is reached very quickly. From the several interested parties, you can then choose who you want to sell your apartment to.

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