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Selling a freehold apartment

Sell your freehold apartment successfully with MPW Immobilien

The demand for housing in Berlin is still immense. Both its cultural offering and its capital-city flair are responsible for the fact that the metropolis is currently enjoying remarkably great popularity. With the support of MPW Immobilien, it will therefore be no problem at all to sell your freehold apartment in Berlin. With more than twenty years' experience of the Berlin housing market, precise knowledge of the current state of the market and the best contacts, the capable agents at MPW Immobilien will search for and find a sound buyer for your apartment.

Berlin is a centre of attraction for people from all over Germany

When life circumstances fundamentally change, it can become necessary to move to a different city or even abroad. Sometimes a home turns out to be much too small, for example when a new addition to the family announces itself. Or perhaps the children have moved out to study in a different city, and you don't feel at ease any more in your apartment, which is now far too big? In particularly tragic cases, the entire financing runs into difficulties. In these cases, only the sale of the apartment will help, before the property goes under the hammer. There can be many different reasons that ultimately lead to the sale of an apartment. With the help of the capable brokers at MPW Immobilien, your freehold apartment too will find a new owner. It could be that an interested buyer looking for exactly your property is already waiting on our company's own customer list.

Hire MPW Immobilien to sell your apartment

First, an insight into the property documents is needed. The resulting information is used by employees of MPW Immobilien to compile a valuation report. How big is the apartment, where exactly is it, when was the house built? Details like when the property was last refurbished and the quality of the topsoil are also used for the evaluation. As soon as the sales price has been determined, the team at MPW Immobilien prepares the informative sales particulars, which are then published in suitable media. A look in our customer file will also let us know whether there is notalready a suitable prospective buyer for your apartment. MPW Immobilien's employees schedule viewing appointments and present the apartment to potential buyers in real life at a personal on-site meeting. If the apartment has already been vacated and the key has been deposited with MPW Immobilien, you as the seller are let off and don't need to worry about anything else. You will be supported by an MPW Immobilien employee both during signing of the contract and when handing over the keys. For at MPW Immobilien, we only see a job as complete when all parties involved in the transaction are satisfied.

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