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Sell property Mahlsdorf-Süd

Sell property the professional way – now also in Mahlsdorf-Süd

The ambitious plan of selling a building or plot independently in a competitive market whilst achieving the best possible terms will sooner or later present the owner with a few hurdles.

An experienced brokerage team could take over this task capably and purposefully. A supposedly realistic valuation of the property to be sold is carried out mainly by means of one's own online research – in the rarest cases an expert is consulted. At least the most important key data for the building are swiftly pulled together, some photos are quickly taken, and the property is sold on the real estate market. A real estate sale that is organised this way can in hindsight create enormous potential for conflict and frustration for both parties to the completed sale. Subsequently carried out error analyses frequently bring to light the same perennial omissions – some serious. The range of failings starts with an unrealistic financial assessment of the property and extends to insufficient sales particulars, if they were even created at all, to an underestimation of the additional costs needed for the purchase, or even to structural defects to the building that were never mentioned. Even extreme cases, where in the end it is proven and demonstrated that such defects were maliciously concealed, come up again and again. A now inescapable route down the path to a court decision is not only an enormous mental burden for both parties to the agreement. The immense costs incurred as a result of legal proceedings are no longer proportional to the savings originally envisaged. These costs, such as claims for damages or the rescission of the purchase contract, which only become known after a court decision, can even spell complete financial ruin. You can avoid this kind of incalculable risk, which a failed property sale can entail, simply and comfortably by commissioning the reliable and reputable estate agent MPW-Immobilien in Mahlsdorf-Süd.

MPW Immobilien: Your partner for real estate sales in Berlin

MPW-Immobilien, a long-standing estate agent based in the Berlin district of Köpenick, offers you, as a responsible customer, a broad wealth of experience to achieve your desired sale in Mahlsdorf-Süd. It all starts with an in-depth initial consultation. Our employees then realistically value the property you intend to sell and ultimately transact the full purchase contract for you. Loyalty, reliability and discretion are guaranteed, since adherence to these values are basic prerequisites for a company that has been successful for years. It goes without saying that you will receive comprehensive, transparent and, therefore, fair advice on all additional purchase costs that arise. The creation of professional sales particulars with informative photos to speak to your specific group of buyers is only a small component amidst our extensive range of services. We will plan, organise and carry out informative viewing appointments for the property you are selling, in a timely manner, and with the utmost professionalism. Once we have drawn up a legally correct purchase contract that is ready for signature, company and client finally approach, together, the successful completion of the real estate sale they have been striving for. Put the sale of your property into the hands of professionals and avoid the risk scenario described above

At MPW, your property is assured to be sold – and not only in Mahlsdorf-Süd. The company's extensive wealth of experience is always at your disposal, and not only in Berlin's Köpenick district. If required, the company can also arrange your desired property sale in Mahlsdorf-Süd for you.

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