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MPW Immobilien: Your real estate agent in Berlin and the surrounding area

There can be a number of reasons why the owner of an apartment wants to sell it. Perhaps life circumstances have changed to the point where the home has become either too large or too small. From experience, real estate agents are then commissioned to determine the value of the property and bring it to market if necessary. Have you inherited a property? If you do not intend to move your whole life over to the greater Berlin area, the only remaining option is to sell your inheritance. Or – the worst-case scenario – an owner is no longer able to pay the monthly instalments for the property. Before it gets to the point of a foreclosure, you should bring MPW Immobilien's experts on board. Their capable estate agents will sell your apartment – fairly, reliably, and bringing the best knowledge of the Berlin housing market to the table.

Sell your apartment with MPW Immobilien

To do this, the employees at MPW Immobilien require access to various documents, such as the land register. Don't worry, the procurement of all necessary documents and the associated paperwork will be handled for you. First of all, a valuation report is drawn up, because it is of course of immense importance to you, how much the apartment you want to sell is currently worth. Sales particulars provide prospective buyers with information about the property, e.g. the size, layout, year of construction, fittings, etc. Professional photographs are taken for this purpose. The sales particulars are made accessible to interested parties by publishing the offer in appropriate media. At the same time, MPW Immobilien's agents check their own files to determine whether there is already a suitable buyer among our clients. If your apartment is already vacant, applicants can be invited to a viewing appointment at any time. If the team at MPW Immobilien is in possession of a key, you as the seller will no longer be bothered. If one of the interested parties would like to buy your apartment, we first check their financial standing to avoid any problems in this regard. If it gets to the point of a purchase contract being drawn up, the MPW Immobilien team will be at your side both at the notary's appointment and at the handover of the keys. The staff at MPW Immobilien only consider a job to have been completed when all parties involved in the transaction are satisfied.

Staying and living in Berlin are incredibly in vogue

Lots of people from all over Germany are moving to the capital at the moment. The demand for housing is enormous, and there is no end in sight for the boom. There is therefore nothing standing in the way of you selling your apartment successfully and profitably. In addition to many years of experience and the best possible knowledge of the market in the greater Berlin area, MPW Immobilien's agents also have at their disposal a customer list with potential buyers. Regardless of whether it is an apartment or a house, with MPW Immobilien, you will sell your property in Berlin.

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