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The specialists from MPW Immobilien will sell your house in Berlin

You own a house in the greater Berlin area and would like to sell it? We recommend working with an experienced real estate agency. The capable employees of MPW Immobilien, with its headquarters in the capital, have excellent knowledge of the current market as well as helpful contacts within the property sector. If you decide to take advantage of MPW Immobilien's support, you can expect an extensive range of services that will bring the successful sale of your house within reach. First of all, a valuation report is drawn up, which includes all the data and facts about your house. Where exactly in Berlin is the property located, when was it built, what size is it? Of course, the minimum price at which you would sell your property also plays a role. These are just a few of the aspects that will ultimately influence the informative sales particulars that the agents at MPW Immobilien will produce. With professionally created photographs, the offering will now be published in suitable media and online.

Would you like to sell a house? MPW Immobilien is your perfect partner

Leave it to MPW Immobilien's experienced staff to find a suitable buyer for your property. Internally, the system first checks whether there is already a suitable candidate in our customer list who is searching for a property just like yours. This of course shortens the process considerably. If this is not the case, we actively search for financially sound applicants. As part of their work as estate agents, MPW Immobilien's employees will present your property in personal meetings as well as on site. Once a buyer has been found, your estate agency team will be at your side with advice and assistance, from signing the contract to handing over the key. Only when both contractual parties are completely satisfied do the experts at MPW Immobilien GmbH consider the job they were given to be done.

Living and working in Germany's capital are very much in vogue.

The current construction boom of commercial properties and the strained housing situation in Berlin put house owners in Berlin who are ready to sell in the position of achieving fabulous prices at the moment, for housing of any type. As Berlin's industry and culture have been discovered, workers from all over Germany are moving to the capital. Now is the time to sell your house for a profit, and particularly favorably. If you have now entrusted MPW Immobilien's team with the sale of your property, you are practically liberated from all obligations. All the administrative matters that are necessary to sell your property will be taken care of for you. Hand over the house keys to an MPW Immobilien employee as soon as it is ready for occupancy. By doing this, you allow us unrestricted access to the property, thus ensuring that viewings can be arranged for interested parties at any time.

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