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Selling a house in Berlin

The German real estate market is presently booming. Nevertheless, a lot of sellers and prospective buyers are struggling by finding the correct position on the market. A broker who is familiar to the dynamic Berlin real estate market is more important than ever. Why should a broker do know the Berlin real estate market?

MPW Immobilien – your real estate agency for Berlin – local expertise for a successful house sale

Interested parties who wants to buy a house in Berlin usually turn to a real estate agency. Because many time-consuming inspections are frustrating. Offers appear more and more unrealistic, preferences, praised in ads turn out as non-existent and the invoked price comes under pressure because of necessary constructions. Our experience and expertise allow us to assess the Berlin building approvals and urban development very well. Communication is a key aspect for us, that’s why we do know which offers have a high probability of success and which doubts and risks can influence potential buyers. We guarantee a competent advice. Our purpose is to sell your house without stress and frictionless at best.

Selling a house in Berlin – challenge and chance at the same time

We know the challenges from a house or apartment sale in Berlin. Many interested parties who want to buy a house in Berlin know the property prices. If desired, we can create an analysis of your property, to check which circumstances should be fixed before the sale or if the house price should be adjusted. We will be pleased to advise you in all aspects, such as the selling price. Our goal is not only to achieve the best possible price for our clients, we also want to save you nerve-racking work.

Selling houses and apartments in Berlin

We as estate agents in Berlin have a lot of experience in information interested parties want to know and which objections may be raised at the hearing. We use this pattern and to prepare a consistent and reliable sales strategy. Additionally, we ensure that all prospective buyers are qualified to prevent "sightseeing" of your home, which can cost time and nerves. We will be happy to conduct the final sales talk for you. We inform our clients at any time proactive and transparent about the number of interested parties, the current state of negotiations and further useful actions to successful selling.

You are in search of a new home and in this context, you want to sell your old home? We support you in finding a new house for the whole family or a nice single or couple apartment. Our efficient planning creates the right conditions for a prompt moving in your new home and a trouble-free resale of your old house. Benefit from our focus on Berlin and our completely sale planning service. Take this oppurtunity, pass your house selling on to our MPW Immobilen employees whose trustful hands will sell your home successful. Benefit from our local expertise.

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