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Sell ​​your home

Anyone who is looking to sell his or her home is soon faced with countless questions: and while attempting to keep track of the various legal provisions, many homeowners quickly reach their limits. What's more, it is often incredibly difficult to estimate the value of one's own property, in line with the market, without extensive specialist knowledge. The capable estate agents at MPW Immobilien have the necessary expertise to stand by your side with advice and help throughout the sale of your home. They take care of all the issues that arise when selling a property, so you don't have to worry about a thing. The range of services extends from determining the market value to helping prepare energy performance certificates and organising viewing appointments.

Selling a home made easy

The real estate agents at MPW Immobilien are intimately familiar with the local property market and know all about any planned construction projects in the vicinity of your property, for example. They can therefore also take these factors into account when determining the value of your property. All details are pooled together for this, so as to be able to make a realistic estimate of the market value of your home. On top of this, MPW Immobilien's team will also give you extensive advice about whether any aspects that potentially negatively affect value should be remedied before the sale, or whether you would be better off accepting a reduced price. Their reliable agents will also take over other tasks that arise when you want to sell your home. They prepare the necessary valuations and sales particulars, procure the necessary property documents, and take care of drawing up the energy performance certificates. At the same time, they act as mediator between you as a seller and potential buyers, and continuously strive to find a satisfactory solution for both sides. This makes MPW the ideal partner for anyone who wants to sell their home quickly and easily.

Find the optimal buyer for your property

MPW Immobilien is not only responsible for determining the market value and providing the necessary documents though. The team also helps you with the search for serious interested parties. By agreement with you, viewing appointments are organised so that potential buyers can get an idea of your property. Another option is so-called 360-degree tours, where interested parties can view your property virtually in advance. This service offers great advantages if you're selling your own home, because it means that fewer on-site viewings are necessary. As well as carrying out the viewings, MPW Immobilien takes over all other communications with the buyer, right up to the point when the property changes hands, meaning that no additional workload is created for you. Take advantage of the expertise of MPW Immobilien's experienced agents to sell your home at the best possible conditions.

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