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Sell ​​property in Berlin

Living and working in the capital

It's no great secret that our capital city is terribly in vogue. People want to live here, where so many important and new things are happening all the time. With its finger on the pulse, so to speak, and right in the thick of things. Berlin is the hub and the linchpin of both the German and the international cultural scene, as well as in terms of political affairs. There is no other place in Germany where the past and the future are so closely juxtaposed as in the capital. This brings a lot of tourists to Berlin – but not only them. With around 3.5 million inhabitants, Berlin already has the highest population density in Germany today, but more and more people are moving to the capital. Commuters, for example, who no longer want to be stuck in traffic every morning, are looking for apartments to save themselves the daily journey back and forth. We at MPW Immobilien notice this from the enquiries we receive from prospective buyers.

We sell your property in Berlin

The chances of selling a house or an office complex for a good price are currently very favourable. Have you been thinking about selling your residential or commercial property for some time? Do it now! The demand for housing or suitable premises for founding or expanding a company has never been so great as it is at the moment. The MPW Immobilien team, with their many years of experience and excellent knowledge of the market, will support you, specifically when it comes to offering real estate in the capital and the surrounding area. You tell us what you want to sell and we will take care of the entire transaction.

MPW Immobilien – with us, you are assured to sell your property

First of all, we meticulously assess the value of the house or apartment to be sold. MPW Immobilien's experts put together a meaningful sales particulars report with all the necessary information and professional photos. Publishing the offer in suitable media ensures its dissemination, and that includes beyond the city limits of Berlin. It is possible that among our clients there is a potential buyer who has already been checked for creditworthiness. Of course, we clarify this first. In order to be able to sell your property, we require access to land registers and planning documents. Don't worry, we'll take care of the administrative work for you. If the house or apartment is already vacant, leaving a key with us in the office makes it possible for us to carry out viewing appointments with potential buyers at any time, without the need to bother you every time. Should the prospective buyer decide to purchase, we will schedule a meeting with the responsible notary and prepare the contracts for signature. We will be at your side until the keys are handed over; our job is only done when all parties involved in the transaction are satisfied. With the MPW Immobilien team you will sell your property in Berlin!

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