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Property valuation

Personal conversation or contact request:

Take advantage of our free and non-binding property valuation

If an owner has come to the decision to sell their property, then the question often arises, how much is the property they own worth?

In such a case, it is advisable to seek a reputable property valuation in advance. The property valuation is free of charge and without obligation and appraises the value of your home, your flat, or your land. Use the property valuation to gain a valuable advantage in price negotiations.

Enter your property data and our team of experts will then determine the value of your property based on various factors. By using the postal code surrounding, we research detailed information on the quality of the location and price trend for your property. These are compared to property offers for similar properties in the neighbourhood. Our professionals evaluate the information collected and prepare it so that you can view your individual property valuation on a concise page.

It takes just a few steps for you to receive your property valuation:

1. Data entry: Enter the data of your property in the configurator.

2. Analysis: Click on "Start analysis", we analyse your data.

3. Result: You will receive a professional and non-binding valuation of your property from us.

Our real estate valuation - transparent and clear

Select your individual property type, enter the characteristics of your property and start your individual analysis. We carry out a property appraisal for you in the area of ​​the specified postal code and analyse information about the quality of the location and price trend for your property, free of charge and without obligation. In doing so, we evaluate factors relating to price trends, offer prices, selling prices and the duration of offers in the neighbourhood and the overall market. You will receive transparent, concise and instant results via e-mail. A property valuation is particularly useful if the property ownership changes. No matter whether your property is a plot of land, a commercial space, an apartment or a one or two-family house, residential or commercial building.

The property valuation serves as a guide to estimate the value of your property. We recommend a personal conversation so that you can get a detailed and comprehensive analysis. Our agent team consists of experienced professionals who are happy to advise you in a personal conversation. Our agents will respond to your individual needs and resolve any open questions with you. You know: you get to your goal faster as a team. Ask MPW Immobilien, your personal property valuation expert, for advice. You will receive a service that is worth your money. Together with you, we will develop a sales strategy in order to sell your property profitably for you. Trust in a strong partner who puts their cards face up on the table and provides you with a complete service.

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