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Property sales

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We sell your property for you

Many property owners try to sell their property by themselves. But when selling a property privately, there are many challenges for you as owners that should not be underestimated.

Hausbesichtigung mit Immobilienmaklerin

This raises some urgent questions: When is the best time to sell, what legal and temporal factors need to be considered, and what are the financial responsibilities of the owner? Therefore, pass your property sale to our trusting hands, we at MPW Immobilien advise you in a reliable and professional fashion on all these questions.

The organisation of appointments to visit the property and the creation of a purchase contract are tasks that you also face when selling your own property. Thus the first step can be both a capable and transparent Property valuation.

Private sellers quickly fall into frustration and time traps: visits week after week, without any seriously interested parties, because so-called property tourists like to look at a property without any real intention to purchase.

Although private sales have been successful, the question arises as to how your property, which has high emotional and financial value for you, can be sold at the best possible price without investing time, money and nerves unnecessarily.

Experience shows that a professional agent is worth the money and a great help in property sales. They not only design a marketing strategy for you, but also take over the management of prospects, in order to separate the wheat from the chaff. Trust in an experienced and robust partner by your side: MPW Immobilien is a family business that has been writing its success story since 1993.

Give your property to the trusting hands of our agents, whether it's a house, apartment, business or land - we know the value of your property and advise you honestly and reliably. We always want to unburden our customers and therefore take over all tasks concerning the property sale for you: be it the determination of the offer price, a first step can be a capable and transparent property valuation or be it the support during the sales phase up to the sales negotiation or the appointment with the notary, we are always there professional and discreet. We know the high emotional value a property can have, that's why we believe that you have earned the maximum sale price and a suitable buyer for your property. Your complete satisfaction is our number one priority.

Property Sales - Modern and Innovative

Our company sees itself as innovative and dynamic. That is why we will develop modern sales strategies for you.
We ensure the perfect appearance of your property:

Home staging

Home Staging Ansicht

to optimally present your property

360 ° online inspection

360° Symbol

so your property can be visited independent of location and time

3D floor plans

Haus und Grundriss

to be immersed in the full potential of the property

We inform and advise you extensively regarding all steps. So that you can always follow all the measures concerning your property sale, because the quality of service and transparency towards our customers are very important to us, we offer our Object Tracking Service so that you can keep up-to-date with the progress of your sales.

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