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Property 360°

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360 ° tour of your property

In order to optimally present your property, we offer virtual tours of your property.

It is exclusively possible to let qualified interested parties visit the property virtually. The 360 ​​° tour has many advantages - not only because it avoids unnecessary visit appointments, but also because qualified prospects can view the property regardless of time and place. Above all those who are not yet resident in Berlin or in the surrounding area can save themselves from having to travel length distances. Interested parties can also get an idea of ​​the property in this graphic way. Thanks to password-protected access, your data is protected against unauthorised access and you preserve your privacy.

360° – every time and everywhere

360 ° tours through properties set new standards for prospective buyers and owners. There are profitable benefits for both parties. While both parties save unnecessary appointments, a virtual 3D representation of the properties is a cost effective option for owners to market the property online. Interested parties can see the property around the clock and everywhere. What's more, the property may be shown to persons who are also involved in the decision making process, such as family members or business associates who can not appear in person for viewing appointments. With little effort, the rooms can also be measured in this way. So, with a few mouse clicks, it is possible for interested parties to check whether their own furniture will fit into the new property. Thanks to the high quality images, interested parties can view all details of the property, even when travelling using a smartphone.

Thanks to user-friendly programming it is not necessary to install an additional program, because the 360 ​​° representation of the property is available in every browser. Property owners save time and nerves, because for owners who live in the property to be sold, viewing appointments understandably be stressful and burdensome. Access to your property is thus denied to so-called property tourists who have no serious purchase intention. But even for owners who do not live in the property for sale, a virtual 360 ° tour of the property is ideal.

In order to design a 360 ° tour of your property, high-quality panorama images of your property are first created, which are then combined into a virtual tour and by using so-called hot spots linked to each other. By clicking on the individual hot spots you can navigate through the property. Of course, as an owner, you can view the virtual tour in advance and arrange for private items to be rendered unrecognisable.

Confidence is a matter of course for us. Therefore, rely on a trusted partner by your side. MPW Immobilien will gladly advise you on your 360 ° tour and will take over the successful marketing of your property for you.

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