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Home staging

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Home Staging – Have your property set up

First impressions count when selling or renting a property. It is often difficult to imagine an empty property with furniture.

By using home staging, various measures are taken to present the property optimally and to prepare it for sale or for rent. For example, furniture is positioned, lights specially installed or new colour concepts set up. Staging is mainly used for the sale of houses and large apartments, but can also be useful for large rental properties. By using targeted staging of the interiors, the furnishing style of the previous owner is neutralised, so that a wider group of buyers can be addressed. House staging makes it much easier to market your property. Home Stager aims to present the property in the best possible way. First, old furniture and personal items are usually sorted out or disposed of.

without home staging with home staging

Depending on the size of the property and the type of service booked Home Stager rents furniture. When the property marketing experts set up rooms, they create a homely atmosphere. The types of accessories can also be tailored to the potential buyer if needed. For example, using House Staging you can choose a family-friendly décor or furnish the house with exclusive furniture. In addition, it is possible to make dark rooms look a lot brighter with a fresh colour concept and suitable lighting, or to use difficult to apportion rooms to their advantage. We work together with a professional and reputable partner who sets the scene for your property individually.

Home Staging or House Staging improves sales success

It is perfectly normal to prepare cars before sale. For houses and apartments this is just as useful, because the professional scene setting makes the property much more inviting. Your prospects can get a clear picture of the property and its possible use. The first impression is much more positive than when the apartment is empty or fully furnished by the previous occupier. Staging has its advantages even before visits take place. Advertisements on the internet are much more informative with pictures.

3D Immobilie

Take advantage of our innovative 360 ° inspection and the 3D floor plan for your property. Having had professional treatment the rooms shine in a new light and the photos are much more inviting. As a rule, your prospective customers are already well aware before their visit whether the location and price range are in order. The rational for purchase is often then gut feeling. Mostly this decision is already taken unconsciously in the first minutes. With a professionally staged apartment you can make first impressions positive. Staging does not just mean that you sell your property faster, but you can also obtain a higher price. Few measures often increase market value significantly. In addition, you stand out from other offers, because many apartments and houses are still visited empty or badly furnished. Please note, however, that your property is in good structural condition.

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