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Value appreciations

MPW Immobilien – your partner in all matters of value appreciation

The special location

In no other German city is the value of property subject to comparable dynamics as in Berlin. Our company was able to develop a central area of focus during this time out of the topic of property appraisals and valuations. The last few years of our real estate activities, in particular, have shown that in terms of rising property values, the peak is far from being reached.
The city’s popularity seems unabated, and the demand for property, especially in eastern districts such as Pankow, Lichtenberg, Marzahn-Hellersdorf, Treptow-Köpenick, etc. seems far from sated. Whilst in the period post reunification they were more the "stepchildren" of the sector, these districts are now enjoying growing popularity. Central living with all the amenities of urban life can be combined here with a peaceful and green environment.
It is here in particular, and in Leipzig, too, by the way, where the main focus of our management and supporting activities lies. We are firmly anchored in the area and a sought-after partner of both commercial and private customers.
Investors who do not live in Berlin themselves but who would like to take advantage of the location for a steadily increasing income find in us their reliable specialists for all matters to do with investing in real estate. We can tell you what your property is worth and will also inform you about any realistic increase in value you can expect, or of any risks of loss in value.

The value of the property as the basis of a successful project – everything starts with the appraisal

Buying a property

Our successful concept designs are also always based on the creation of valuation reports on a property's worth, for a property appraisal that is fair for all parties and legally sound.
Consult with us before buying. After conclusion of the contract, it is usually too late. Before you look to acquire a property, you too will want to rely on a correct valuation report when assessing the propery’s value. Ask us first, then your lenders. If they work in our region, you will notice that our good name can pay off for you as well.

Selling property

When selling too, the real estate valuation forms the basis of the negotiations.
To achieve a good result for the sale, a realistic and expert property valuation is therefore essential. These are available from us free of charge! We assist you in assessing the property value and in all other issues that are of concern to buyers and sellers. With our help, you do not run the risk of offering your property at an inflated price. Because if your offering is on the market too long, potential buyers are deterred.
Our experience and contacts with local companies can also benefit contractual parties who are out of town, and can help get a refurbishment project going.
Because with all questions of financing, our comprehensive support work begins with the review and creation of valuation reports, and with the property appraisal.

MPW Immobilien as property valuers

With over 20 years' experience in the brokerage business, our employees have expertise in the real estate sector that exceeds the average level for the industry. The preparation of valuation reports is just as much a part of our scope of duties as the administrative tasks involved in building management. Our steadily growing respectability brought us regional and national recognition and a growing influx of customers. We can therefore guarantee impartiality and assure independence.

The personal touch is – as Berliners say – "half the rent"

Find out from us about the topics of value retention, value appreciation and valuation reports.

Call us, or leave us a message and we will get back to you.
Visit us in our headquarters in Köpenick and let us advise you face-to-face in a personal meeting.

We manage your property – for you!

We do not want to give you a point-for-point breakdown of all of our services, because you of course know what work is involved in proper management. Our focus is on a face-to-face meeting, directly on site or in the office, so that the relevant points, such as high vacancy rates, upcoming refurbishment work or peculiarities in accounting, can be explained directly.

We can gladly prepare a personalised offer, tailored to your ideas, on request!
Call us or contact us via the contact form.

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