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Your competent property management for Berlin-Kreuzberg

Competent property management in the Berlin area

The decision to put the administration of your property in the Berlin area into the hands of a reliable real estate management company can only benefit you as the owner. Especially if you do not live in the area, and therefore cannot take care of the property yourself, the presence of a responsible person is necessary. The competent employees of MPW Immobilien GmbH have many years of experience in this field. Another positive aspect of the collaboration is our very good knowledge of the current situation in the real estate market, and a whole range of useful contacts within the industry. Regardless of the size of the property, the number of rental units or the location within the capital: MPW Immobilienverwaltung GmbH looks carefully after your building or property.You will always be informed about your property and, of course, consulted on all decisions. Only a close, trusting cooperation creates a solid basis, with which you, as the owner, can satisfy your tenants. Allow us to make you an offer for property management The MPW Immobilien GmbH team creates the perfect conditions for the successful management of your property!

Life and housing in Kreuzberg

The Berlin district of Kreuzberg is known for its lively culture and nightlife. The area of ​​approximately 10.4 square kilometres was surrounded by the wall on three sides in GDR times, which developed a kind of intrinsic culture of the squatter scene and the alternative movement on the outskirts of the city. About one third of the 160,000 Kreuzberg citizens have a migration background. The Kreuzberg district is known nationwide for this demographic characteristic. But also, the extremely high density of scene pubs, bars and clubs makes Kreuzberg a highlight on every tourist tour through Berlin. When a visitor says Berlin, he often means Kreuzberg. Kreuzberg is synonymous with the vitality and omnipresent history of Berlin.

Successful property management in Kreuzberg

Berlin is hotter than ever. The situation on the housing market is accordingly tense. Affordable housing is scarce, yet many people are still attracted to the Spree. The wide range of cultural opportunities is just as responsible for this as the proximity to the current political events in Germany. The rental of flats and houses is therefore not a problem. Only tenants carefully selected by MPW Immobilienverwaltung GmbH will be awarded a contract for your rental property. The collection of all relevant master data and the complete processing of payment transactions allow the employees of MPW Immobilien GmbH an overview of rent and additional costs. Furthermore, contractor's invoices are examined by the property management. This contributes significantly to the preservation of value and functionality of the technical equipment belonging to the property. As part of the property management, the employees of MPW Immobilienverwaltung GmbH also take care of the insurance coverage for the property. Allow the property management of MPW Immobilienverwaltung GmbH to act as an interface between you and your tenants in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

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