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Your customised property management

There are many advantages for you as the owner of a property if you commission a professional property management company with the care of your property. Especially if you do not live in Greater Berlin yourself, you should always be able to rely on reliable and competent help. In order to be able to properly and profitably manage a property, both comprehensive expertise and an overview of the current market situation are necessary. MPW Immobilienverwaltung GmbH has many years of experience in the Berlin housing market, and is therefore the contact of your choice. Regardless of the size, the type of property or the number of tenants: The employees of MPW Immobilienverwaltung GmbH take care of your apartment building, your detached house or your complete residential complex. A close, trusting cooperation between the estate agency team and you as owner ensures income from your rental. MPW Immobilienverwaltung GmbH has an impressive representation in the Berlin area. Experience the competence of MPW Immobilienverwaltung GmbH for your yourself and use our overview and contacts in the market. Upon request, you will receive a quotation perfectly tailored to you and your property.

Management of your property in Köpenick in professional hands

Located in the southeast of the capital, the district of Treptow-Köpenick has an almost idyllic rural character. In a landscape characterised by forest areas and lakes, almost 64,000 people live in an area of ​​around 35 square kilometres. With some historical buildings and set in the midst of this beautiful environment, Köpenick is the perfect place to live for families and nature lovers, and the demand for living space is correspondingly high. At the confluence of the Spree and Dahme lies the Schlossinsel, or castle island, with the Köpenick Castle, renovated in 2004 - a sight that attracts many day-trippers to this district. But also, the convenient location of Köpenick as well as the proximity and thus easy accessibility of the city centre make this district a good place to live. Whoever lives here can count themselves lucky.

The best possible property management for your property in Berlin-Köpenick

The situation on the Berlin housing market is strained, and affordable housing is still in great demand. MPW Immobilienverwaltung GmbH carefully selects the most suitable tenant for your property. As part of the property management, all relevant master data of the property under management and the tenant is recorded and managed. The complete processing of payment transactions also enables the employees of MPW Immobilienverwaltung GmbH to control the rent payments and utility bill payments. In addition, contracts for the repair and maintenance of the property are awarded to companies and their proper execution is monitored. This contributes significantly to the preservation of value and functionality of the technical equipment belonging to the property. As part of the property management, the employees of MPW Immobilienverwaltung GmbH also take care of the insurance coverage for the property. Allow the property management of MPW Immobilienverwaltung GmbH to act as an interface between you and your tenants in Treptow-Köpenick!

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