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Competent property management in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen

If you own a property in Berlin as a company or as a private person, care and maintenance of a property is just as indispensable as its administration. MPW Immobilien GmbH assumes all tasks in the area of ​​property management in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen for you, so that you can save time and effort and take care of other things. Managing a rental property is an immense challenge that needs to be mastered. In this respect, tasks can be divided into two areas.

Handling administration professionally using a property management company in Hohenschönhausen

As a property management company in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen, MPW Immobilien GmbH will handle all matters for you which you have previously arranged individually on a contractual basis. This can include all tasks from the commercial sector. These are issues that are directly related to economic factors and the budget, but which also directly affect tenants. If tenants do not pay the rent or bills for your property on time, debts will be due, which MPW Immobilien GmbH will collect on your behalf. In general, all cash flow must be checked for accuracy. The administration also takes care of utility bills at the end of the year, keeps tenants' records, accepts flats returned by the tenant, and manages the bills when the tenant changes. In the course of property reports, the property management in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen determines whether there are defects in the rental property. Last but not least, an administration such as MPW Immobilien GmbH handles the negotiation of leases and checks whether billing amounts for utilities such as waste or water have changed.

MPW Immobilien GmbH looks after your property as a property management company in Hohenschönhausen

In addition, it is important that your rental property is safe and well maintained. This applies to every flat, every room and the staircase. A functional staircase, bell and lighting system and a lift that is in operation prove to be essential, as otherwise claims which have a legal basis may be raised against you as the owner. It is more important that you hire an experienced property manager in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen. Even if there are no defects, maintenance or refurbishment must be initiated and carried out before any defects occur. If your rental property has an adjoining garden, this must be maintained too, as a wild garden has the potential to cause an accident. The same applies to an unclean staircase. In such cases, MPW Immobilien GmbH commissions reliable cleaning services and pays attention to the proper execution of the work. Of course, it is especially important to ensure that the electricity is running, and the heating system works, to prevent rent reductions of a sensitive nature from arising. With your property management in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen, you will be able to cover all your tasks and ensure that your property remains in very good condition.

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