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The team

MPW Immobilien – Building management, property management, property valuation

Our team sees itself as a community of employees who are committed to serving your needs as a homeowner in every way. We see ourselves as an interface between you and your residents. As communicators and mediators, we want to help both sides attain the greatest possible satisfaction.

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Whether a light bulb needs replacing or a complete renovation is due: every matter is important to the entire team, because it's exactly the little things and the details that are indispensable for a relaxed living situation. We are happy to speak with you in person so that important matters can be wrapped up quickly, such as upcoming refurbishments, for example, or accounting specifics.

Since we as the team at MPW Immobilien value good cooperation, we hope that this impression also carries over to our customers and the residents of the house. The many companies we work with also appreciate the positive attitude with which all the members of our team approach their tasks. Through our team enthusiasm, we achieve what is for us the greatest possible success: your satisfaction.

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Your MPW Immobilien team

Executive management


Marion Werner

Building management

Katja Neumann

Katja Neumann


Monika Schumann

Monika Schumann

Berlin: the city for living, building and investing

Berlin is in trend. More and more creative people, artists and culture professionals from home and abroad are magically drawn to this city. They are followed by an ever-growing number of people who want to enjoy the exciting life in the capital while not having to forgo the high quality of life that is offered here. If you have chosen the city on the Spree as the place to invest your money, you have one hundred percent made the right decision. One comes to this conclusion very quickly when considering the real estate values of the last twenty years.

MPW – The building management you can trust

We, the property management team at MPW, are located in the heart of Berlin. If you are looking for a property management company in Berlin, then you have come to the right place. We have more than twenty years of experience in the districts of Pankow, Lichtenberg, Biesdorf, Köpenick, Lichterfelde etc. The areas in the outer districts, especially, are enjoying ever-increasing popularity amongst our steadily growing number of customers. Good development and an effective network of local transport means that on the one hand you live close to the city centre, but on the other hand, you enjoy life amidst the greenery. We have a growing base of customers who rely on our experience in all areas of responsibility that a building management company covers. Our long-term contacts with local service providers and craft businesses here form the foundation for how we can guarantee that your building management will be carried out without complications. This also applies to difficult situations that require tasks to be accomplished that go beyond the everyday routine of property management. For though the name implies it is about the management of houses, in reality, this work is about people – namely tenants and landlords, whose legitimate interests we reconcile. In the city of Leipzig, too, we have so far succeeded to the satisfaction of all those involved.

MPW Immobilien – property valuation for customers in the region and elsewhere

A central prerequisite for customer-oriented property management is tailor-made, correct and legally ensured property valuation. We can take over this fundamental task for the real estate business reliably and on time. We also undertake to carry out an analysis of the expected increase in value and to inform you of potential risks posed by planned urban construction projects in terms of both structural and civil engineering. We at MPW Immobilien are your team for all eventualities.

We manage your house in the following Berlin districts:

We have testimonials for outside of Berlin too, such as in Potsdam, Leipzig and other cities.
Just contact us to hire us for services in your city.

We are:
Unique  •  Knowledgable  •  100% Reliable

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