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Our responsibilities

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Our responsibilities

1. Contract management

  • Recording all essential data pertaining to the property
  • Recording of all essential data pertaining to the tenants
  • Ensuring agreed rental security deposits
  • All contract transactions with the tenants
  • Monitoring the receipt of rental payments and service charges
  • Organisation of extrajudicial dunning with the use of a dunning notice
  • Verification and payment of all expenditures
  • Reviewing rent levels
  • Proposals for adjusting rent levels
  • Implementation of rent adjustments
  • Prompt adjustment of prepaid service charges


2. Accounting

  • Creation and settlement of all income and expenditure operations
  • Maintenance of an up-to-date arrears list
  • Preparation of service charge invoices, collection of any additional charges and, if necessary, proposals to adjust
 the advance payments (not from previous years)
  • Processing of all payment transactions

3. General administration

  • Conclusion and termination of rental agreements, new rentals, including finding tenants, and control of all matters pertaining to the tenants
  • Acceptance and handover of rented units when tenants change
  • Monitoring of insurance cover for the property, correction of possible cases of damage; the cancellation and conclusion of new insurance contracts in the event of significant premium differences
  • Representation of the client to all authorities in matters relating to the property
  • Review of all operating and management costs and their monitoring
  • Management of all files and documents relating to the property
  • Administration of rental security deposits

4. Technical building management

  • Ensuring proper functioning of the heating, plumbing and other services and equipment in the property, including the conclusion and termination of supply and service contracts
  • Placing orders for the work required for routine maintenance, overhaul and repair of the property
  • If the estimated order amount exceeds € xxx, xx net, then at least two bids will be obtained
  • Concluding and terminating caretaker contracts and contracts with other service providers (e.g. for house, road and pavement cleaning, outdoor facilities). Supervising and controlling the activities of the above-mentioned persons in relation to the property
  • Informing the client about any significant and/or unusual matters in relation to the property

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