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MPW: Building management with all-round care

The management of a property is an extensive task that includes, among other things, commercial, technical, but also legal aspects – and, if you want to take care of everything yourself, it can take up a lot of valuable personal time. Not infrequently, however, the necessary specialist knowledge is simply missing, when it comes to selecting or supervising suitable craftsmen, for example, or if a legally watertight bill for the operating costs of the rented apartment or rented house needs to be drawn up. As an alternative, our team from MPW Immobilien offers you a service package tailored to your property, regardless of whether you are looking for property management for just a rental apartment or for a whole residential building. We relieve you of the many tasks and provide professional all-round care, day after day. When we start working for you, we thus rely on a personal discussion with you on site at the rental house or the rental apartment, in order to be able to coordinate the specific priorities of the assignment, such as for example high vacancy rates, upcoming refurbishment works or special accounting characteristics. The aim of our property management service is always to ensure comfortable and problem-free living for the tenants while at the same time guaranteeing that we make prudent and commercially successful use of the rental house or rental apartment for you as the owner.

What makes us stand out in our work?

When it comes to real estate in general and to the management of a rental house or apartment, what is prerequisite is good knowledge of the market, taking into account the local particularities. We know Berlin very well and from our headquarters in Berlin-Köpenick, near the city highway, we look after our various properties spread across the entirety of the greater Berlin area. We would be delighted to act as your property managers in the future. Our company has been working in property management for about 20 years, and in this time has been able to successfully build up a network of service providers across many trades, which we can use to select suitable specialist companies for any tasks due. In addition to the punctual and reliable completion of the work assigned to us, we pay particular attention to professional performance and to settling tasks cost-effectively. Again, when it comes to commercial administration and rendering accounts to your tenants, you can count on our many years of experience. A timely, clear and comprehensible statement of operating costs, which we always adapt to the constantly changing regulations and laws, contributes to harmonious relations in the properties we manage. This way, you as the owner receive a basis upon which to found decisions for the appropriate management of your real estate, and thus always remain in control.

MPW Immobilien – you can count on us

You can reach our office from Monday to Friday at any time during normal business hours from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, making it always easy for you and your tenants to make contact, and contributing to the satisfaction of our clients. Please also check our testimonials on this point, which we can provide you on request. We are currently active in many locations throughout the city of Berlin as property managers, for example in Berlin-Pankow, Berlin-Lichtenberg, Berlin-Biesdorf or Berlin-Lichterfelde.
Property management is a matter of trust, because for you as the owner it is about preserving, developing and exploiting your assets, and for your tenants, it is about an incredibly important aspect of their lives – their home. We are aware of this responsibility and want to face the tasks associated with it. Talk to us and make an appointment with us, we can then go specifically into your property in detail – and make an offer that is individually tailored to your rental apartment or house. We can already now promise you conscientious and responsible management of your property.

We are:
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