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Property management is not a side job

Owners of rented real estate invest a lot of time, money and energy in their rental property in order to maintain its value and to provide their tenants with an appropriate environment. This is not infrequently a full-time job, which nonetheless gives many landlords a great deal of satisfaction. Professional building management seems to some landlords to be a luxury that they can do without. This is a judgement that often comes back to bite them. For the joy is quickly clouded when tenants suddenly complain about bills for operating costs and threaten litigation. It is not uncommon for the tenants to argue that items have been billed incorrectly, or that the allocation formula for the rental house was simply miscalculated.

Are you on top of tenancy case law?

In doing so, tenants typically invoke current adjudications, new rules in tax law, or other revised regulations in order to challenge bills for operating costs. Unlike with a property management service, for the typical private landlord who manages his property in his spare time, it is often not possible to keep up with the multitude of new regulations. The consequence is a latent legal risk. Courts increasingly pass judgment in favour of tenants and consider it a duty of landlords to be informed about current developments and to take these into account when it comes to billing.

Get professional support

MPW Immobilien in Berlin supports you in all matters relating to your rental home through professional and expert property management. Through the use of special software, knowledge of current case law and administrative regulations as well as the consistent application of the multiple control principle, we ensure that the operating cost bills we prepare are error-free and legally watertight. With our professional property management service, you save not only money, but also precious time.

Not everyone has the talent for accounting

The promptly issued operating costs bill for your rental home, which is delivered to your tenants once a year, is usually the only opportunity for involving your tenants in a share of the actual costs incurred during the billing cycle. The utmost care in accounting is required here. Not infrequently, however, costs are missing in the statement, or existing costs are incorrectly stated. In such a case, you as landlord cannot make any retrospective claims, because once the bill has been received by the tenant, it is legally binding for both parties.

Our door is always open

A property manager does more than just issue the bill. Anyone who owns a rental property will know how often tenants seek contact with the owner or with the building management. From broken radiators and heating appliances, to cleaning of the stairwell, to organisation of the waste, tenants often see a need for quick action on the part of the landlord. As property managers, we are always approachable for your tenants, and in cases of discrepancies, we always proceed with a solution-oriented approach, because we know that rent reductions or vacancies, which result from dissatisfied tenants, cannot be to your benefit. We are therefore always promptly on site for all questions regarding the rental property, and as competent property managers, we see to the concerns of your tenants.

Who do you let live in your property?

In addition to mastering the annually recurring utility bill and the dialogue with the existing tenants, the search for new reliable and financially sound tenants is another area that takes up a lot of time and requires considerable experience. MPW Immobilien will handle these tasks competently and reliably. New rentals and property management have been our daily business for over 20 years now. We are therefore able to rapidly check the solvency of potential tenants and quickly identify suitable candidates from amidst the mass of applications. The advantage for you: you are relieved of organising and carrying out viewing appointments, of the extensive correspondence with applicants, and of having to check the previous payment history of your potential tenants.

What can we do for you?

Set up a no-obligation personal appointment with MPW Immobilien today, so that we can discuss with you in detail how we can support you with the successful management of your property.

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