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Our goals are:

  • Preservation of the property
  • Increase the value of the property
  • Relief of the homeowner
  • Full service
  • easy handling
  • Cost control in the field of maintenance and repair
  • neutral relationship with the tenants

Our range of services

We take care of your real estate in Greater Berlin from the leasing over the complete commercial administration up to all necessary technical measures. Property management is time consuming and complex. Here we relieve you as the owner in full, if you wish. Below we give you an overview of the entire range of services. Decide for yourself which of our services you use. We can gladly take care of you, but we also take care of individual areas. Here we will discuss your personal wishes and ideas.

Rental management

We continuously monitor the rental market, publish rental offers, define criteria that should apply to your future tenants and make the tenant selection. We draft the leases and conclude them with the tenants of your apartments, make changes to the contracts and announce notice of termination. Housing tours we organize as well as the apartment transfers when moving in or out. Of course, we carry out the necessary correspondence around the rental management of your apartments. We also represent you as necessary and possible in front of authorities and courts.

Commercial administration

The rent collection for your apartments or your houses you can completely leave to us. If a tenant does not pay, we will act immediately and proceed consistently against the defaulting payer. We also carry out rent increases for you - always within the legal and contractual possibilities. We prepare operating and heating bills promptly and also according to legal standards. If contracts for the management of real estate by caretaker or other services are required, we conclude this for you. We check all incoming invoices conscientiously and ensure that the accounting is always up to date. Posting arrears are a foreign word for us.

Technical administration

In real estate management, we always have an eye on the structural condition of the buildings we manage. We inform you immediately about any defects and ensure that they are remedied. After all, it's about preserving the value of your property. Tenants can contact us directly with damage reports. Every complaint we conscientiously check. We look after suitable craftsmen, assign the orders in consultation with you and supervise the proper execution of necessary repair measures. Thanks to our many years of operating experience - we have been active in property management for some 20 years - we have excellent contacts with craftsmen. We have different offers for the trades, so that we can also compare prices. Not always the best craftsman must be the most expensive.

The property as a yield object

Real estate is very often money investments, which is why value preservation has a high priority. Ask us about measures for the preservation or improvement of the building fabric. This can be energetic renovations or partial renovations to adapt to the state of the art - especially in the sanitary sector. We are at your disposal with our expertise.

We manage your property - for you!

We do not want to give you a breakdown of all of our services, because you know for sure which works are part of a proper administration. Our focus is on a face-to-face meeting or in the office, so that the relevant points, such as high vacancy rates, upcoming refurbishment work or special accounting features, can be explained directly.

We can prepare an individual offer tailored to your requirements on request!

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