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MPW Immobilien

Your real estate agent in Berlin and the surrounding area

Your professional contact for real estate in Berlin and the surrounding area – no matter whether you're looking to sell, buy, let or rent.

As a family business and a member of the Board of IVD Berlin-Brandenburg e.V., we take pleasure in advising you on all matters regarding real estate.

MPW Immobilien - Partner

You prefer an appointment, or do you have a property inquiry?

Would you like a free, no-obligation valuation of your property? Want to know what price you could achieve in the current market?

Nur ganz selten ergibt sich die Gelegenheit ein Unikat wie dieses Anwesen zu erwerben. Wohnen Sie wie in längst vergangener Zeit.

Discretion and honest advice are our highest priority – whether you're looking to sell or buy, let or rent.

Over 200 customer testimonials

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"Very reliable and competent in every way. I am pleasantly surprised, thank you so much"

Thomas Jako

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About MPW Immobilien

As your real estate agent in Berlin & the surrounding area,

we take care of the following services for you:

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  • Creation of valuation reports and sales particulars
  • Free-of-charge determination of market value
  • Procurement of necessary property documents
  • Help preparing energy performance certificates
  • Identification of serious & vetted interested parties
  • Arranging financing opportunities

We would also be very happy to take over the management of your property/properties in Berlin and the surrounding area, in Leipzig and – on request – in other locations too. MPW Immobilien Berlin belongs to the German real estate association Immobilienverband Deutschland. With us, you can bet on maximum transparency and trustworthiness. We will gladly advise you on all your questions concerning real estate!

In short: MPW Immobilien, your estate agent in Berlin & the surrounding area, does everything to ensure that everyone involved in the transaction of a property is satisfied.

Why it is worthwhile for you to hire a real estate agent in Berlin and the surrounding area

Whether you are selling, buying, letting or renting a property – there is always a considerable sum of money at stake. In almost all matters of real estate, there are a number of additional legal specifics to consider, not to mention the innumerable questions that arise in order to be able to classify the value of a property correctly and in line with the market.

All this can only be done by a local estate agent. It is precisely for this reason that we at MPW Immobilien in Berlin-Köpenick have specialised in the south-east of Berlin and the wider surrounding area.

As a real estate agent in Berlin-Köpenick, we have known the local real estate market intimately for many years now. We therefore know not only what building projects are planned, and for where – and where possible shifts in the market value of properties will arise as a result.

But through our continuous and prudent activities as estate agents in Berlin, which balance the interests of all parties, we are also actively involved in keeping the local real estate market as attractive and transparent as possible for sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants.

A fair mediator between all interests – your estate agent in Berlin and the surrounding area

Probably the most important function of an estate agent is to mediate between the different interests and notions that inevitably arise when it comes to real estate transactions.

We as estate agents in Berlin have a lot of experience in proficiently moderating the necessary dialogue. We take over the work of creating sales particulars, pictures, floor plans and 360-degree tours. You can also rely on our experience and service for dealing with authorities, obtaining documents or creating an energy performance certificate.

Take advantage of our experience as a real estate agent in Berlin for determining the market value of your property. We don't miss any details. We immediately identify aspects that can negatively affect value and can give you recommendations as to whether it is worthwhile to remedy these before the sale or whether it is cheaper to accept a reduced price. In any case, MPW Immobilien will help you achieve a realistic market value for your property. Of course, we will also identify suitable interested parties for you.

You can also let your estate agent in Berlin take care of organising and holding viewing appointments. And we will be happy to handle all further necessary negotiations for you too, right up to the handover of the property.

We are already offering our customers a new, innovative service in the form of 360-degree tours. For sellers who still live in the property to be sold, the advantages are obvious. We now carry out fewer, but highly suitable viewings, because the prospective buyers have already visited the property virtually.

We also see great advantages for prospective buyers who by now are tired of multiple, time-consuming viewings. Now you can get a clear picture of the property from your own home.

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